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Thera Gel

Thera Gel – 8 oz

Dr. Jay’s Naturals contains a water-based proprietary formula that has been scientifically proven to help reduce inflammation in the body and increase oxygenation at the cellular level.

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Unscented, Water-Based Gel


Rapid Pain Relief After Application


Helps Reduce Redness & Swelling


Joint & Muscle Pain Relief


Helps Accelerate Healing Time for Injuries


Rapid Pain Relief During Workouts

Scientifically Proven



Money Back Guarantee*

Don't Let Pain Cut Your Workouts Short

Michael decided at 48 years old to chase down IRONMAN. He had difficulty with pain, swelling & discomfort during workouts. As his workouts were getting cut short, he began using Dr. Jay's Thera Gel prior to his workouts, he is now maximizing his training efforts.

The Multi-Purpose Thera Gel

For Healthier, Smoother, Happier Skin

Introducing Dr. Jay’s Naturals. Created by nature and enhanced by science, Dr. Jay’s Thera Gel is a multi-purpose product that contains a powerful phytonutrient, Apigenin, and other plant-based flavonoids that are scientifically proven to help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, guard against harmful infections and promote natural healing within the body.


Pain Relief


Key Benefits

For Healthier, Smoother, Happier Skin

We take pride in providing you high quality product that is formulated to deliver natural healing, fast pain relief and body rejuvenation.

Helps Reduce Arthritis & Joint Pain

Lessens inflammation in muscles and joints while stimulating the immune defense, and supporting the body’s natural healing process.

Aids in Healing Burn Injuries

Helps heal major and minor burns, reduces blistering and relieves skin irritation.

Helps Treat Sunburn

Greatly limits sunburns as well as quickly eliminating any pain and redness for any areas left exposed to the sun.

Helps Heal Cooking Burns

Assists with complete tissue healing and resolution of pain, blistering and inflammation.

Use as an Insect Repellant

Easy to apply and provides complete protection. Fragrance and paraben free so you’ll smell the great outdoors, and not your repellent.

Helps to Heal Cuts & Minor Skin Abrasions

Helps reduce redness, swelling and pain, accelerating the natural healing time for injuries.

You Deserve Products That Work!

We believe great products start with great ingredients

Dr. Jay’s Naturals® uses non-toxic, natural ingredients blended in a unique proprietary formula containing the powerful phytonutrient, Apigenin, and other plant-based flavonoids that are scientifically proven to help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, guard against harmful infections and promote natural healing within the body.


Apigenin is a common flavonoid found in a range of plants. It is poorly absorbed by the human body in its plant form. It has a sugar molecule attached which must be removed. Dr. Jay’s proprietary formula enhances Apigenin uptake thus making it active. Includes chamomile (Matricaria recutita). Apigenin has multiple physiological functions, such as anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, and strong anti-inflammatory activities as well as blood pressure reduction. Recently, Apigenin has been widely researched for it’s anti-tumor activities and low toxicity. Apigenin was observed to suppress various human cancers in 'in vitro and in vivo' by multiple biological effects such as, in inducing cell cycle arrest triggering, cell apoptosis and autophagy, invasion in suppressing cell migration and stimulating immune response.


Beta-Glucan, aids in skin healing from excessive sun exposure, rashes, mild burns, and wounds. It also hydrates the skin, helping to maintain a smooth, healthy, and youthful skin appearance and promotes collagen building.


MSM (methyl sulfonated methane) polyacrylic acid, used to help reduce the stinging or burning of skin caused by a low pH balance in the body.

Other ingredients: Acrylates/10-30 Alkyl, Acrylate Crosspolymer, and TEA (Triethanolamine).


What others say about our product

I just got a call from my Daughter, Lisa.  She wanted me to report to you that she just got all her recent test reports and according to her Doctors, she is totally free of cancer and her rheumatoid arthritis is in full remission.  She said to tell you thank you for saving her life.
Chuck C.
(Lisa has been using our product for 2 years.)

"Wanted to let you know been using the gel on knee and hip and amazed at the pain relief." Jim O
“My mother has used Dr. Jay's Thera Gel for her arthritis. It has really helped her to sleep better." - Linda M., The Woodlands, TX

“Very soothing for sunburn!!!" - Brenda Cobb, Teacher, West Monroe, LA

“Dr. Jay's Thera Gel is the best! After a busy day at work or when traveling, a small amount applied to any tight muscle or joint creates instant relief for me." - Sara G., RN, Alexander City, Alabama
Dr. Jay’s Thera-Gel is an amazing product. I have used it for over two years on anything that hurts; a pulled muscle, arthritic joints, and even headaches. I can rub a small amount of gel on a sore area, and seconds later I have relief! After a recent joint replacement, I used the gel to soothe sore muscles that were moved during surgery. I was happy at how well it helped ease the soreness, and a small amount goes a long way. Dr. Jay’s gel does not have a scent, and dries quickly without leaving a sticky substance on your skin. I highly recommend it for your aches and pains!
Becky G., Retired Educator, Willis, TX

I started using Dr. Jay’s Naturals Thera-Gel on April 5th, 2019. I was diagnosed with triple negative breast carcinoma a few weeks prior, and I used the gel to help with the pain and burning sensation that I was having due to the tumor growing larger. I am really grateful for this product. The pain and burning was gone in a few days, and I believe that it also helped with the swelling that I was having on the affected side, because within a week, the swelling was considerably less. I use the gel, also, to keep my skin cool due to the heat from chemotherapy. I am definitely impressed with this product, as it has helped me tremendously.
Brenda Wilhite, West Monroe, LA

I’ve been using Dr. Jay’s Naturals for a couple of months now. I have had surgery on my back, but still have back and neck pain constantly. After using the gel, I get relief within a few minutes. I believe it could help anyone with chronic pain.
Randy C., Odessa, TX

I have used your product, Dr. Jay’s Naturals Thera-Gel, and have shared it with many of my friends and co-workers, as well. From fresh out of major leg and hip surgery and migraine headaches, to severe skin irritations, they all rave about how great they feel after using it, and how fast it works. Not only is Dr. Jay’s Thera-Gel a great pain relief product, it also actually helps clear skin irritations quickly. This is one product that I can honestly say “Try, and you will never regret it!”
John L., Remediation and Environmental Consultant, Haslet, TX

The thing I love about Dr. Jay’s Thera-Gel is that is has worked on me for so many different aches, pains, insect bites, and cuts. It is like an all-in-one product wrapped up into one. I am very allergic to red ant bites. I swell up almost ten times normal on the affected area of the bite, and also develop huge white heads days later that will blister and pop, leaving open wounds and scarring. Not to mention the pain and itching associated with an ant bite, itself. Within minutes of being bit, I applied the gel, and immediately the coolness of it soothed the sting, and in less than five minutes, the itching stopped completely. The usual blister never formed, and there was no sign of an ant bite the day after. I also get severe sinus headaches, and have found myself at times without access to meds for relief. On location with my job, having only the gel handy I applied to my forehead and sinus cavity area, and within ten minutes, I started to get relief from the headache. Completely by accident, I noticed that the gel had reduced the puffiness beneath my eyes, as well! I also use Dr. Jay’s Thera-Gel for relief from sciatic nerve pain. This works best by applying, letting it dry, and re-applying for maximum relief. 
Bernadette A., New Orleans, LA

Dr. Jay’s Naturals Thera-Gel is truly unique, and is one of my “go-to” solutions for pain. Unlike other pain relieving products, this one has no odor, and no burning or cooling sensations. I carry it with me, and use it on anything from mosquito bites (I’m allergic to them, and can itch for days without the gel after being bit), to stress headaches. The gel doesn’t solve every problem, but it is an important part of my arsenal against pain and inflammation!
Stacy P., Lufkin, TX

My wife was cooking recently, and accidentally dropped a roast she was preparing into a pan on the stovetop which caused hot grease to splatter onto her face. She was badly burned except for her eyes, which were protected by her glasses. I remembered that a friend had given me a tube of Dr. Jay’s Thera-Gel which was sitting on the counter, so I grabbed it and applied to my wife’s face. Within minutes the pain subsided, and the next morning there were no blisters. Her face healed completely with no scarring.
James C., Houston, TX

I’ve been using Dr. Jay’s Naturals Thera-Gel for years. I’ve had three knee surgeries over the years from playing football, and I use the gel everyday on my knees, shoulders and other sore muscles. Without a doubt, it is hands-down the best pain relief product I have ever used. There is no smell, and no messy residue within a couple of minutes, and it works! I recommend it to all of my friends!
Mark K., Montgomery, TX

My husband has Parkinson’s only experiencing stiffness and rigidity, and was having terrible pains in his feet and up to his knees. All the neurologist and numerous other doctors keep saying that it is Neuropathy, and there is nothing you can do. My dear friend asked if I would like to try Dr. Jay’s Naturals Thera-Gel to see if we could see any relief and to my husband’s surprise, he started having relief. It did take several months to get relief in his legs and now only has tightness in his feet which is off and on. We know that there is not cure for Parkinson’s. We don’t know how we could have gotten by without the Dr. Jay’s Naturals Thera-Gel. We still use it when he experiences any pain, and are very grateful for the help. I personally have used it on an old injury and also have had very good results. Thanks again!
Mary Ann and Richard L Carson, Conroe, TX

I use Dr. Jay’s Thera Gel for muscle aches, arthritis pain and soreness, as well as for insect bites and sunburn. For me, it actually works better and quicker to relieve my pain than CBD oil, and without the oily feel or smell. I keep several tubes on hand at all times, and recommend it to anyone who has pain.,
Ellen M., Downsville, LA
I missed a curb at a restaurant, and caught my fall by smacking both hands on the concrete. My hands were bruised, scraped, and very sore and stinging. I applied the gel, which was in my car, and the results were nearly immediate. Dr. Jay’s Thera-Gel took the pain away. My forearms began to ache that evening from the jolt of falling, and Dr. Jay’s worked on that pain, too! I have also used it on a very tender cut on my thumb from cleaning up broken glass with the same quick, pain-free result. I keep it on hand at all times now!
Anne C., Realtor, Conroe, TX
My wife and I have been using Dr. Jay’s Naturals Thera-Gel for a couple of weeks now. The gel is useful for many different applications. It even works on grease burns! My wife used this on burns that she was sure were going to scar. She got the burns while making sweet potato fries on evening. After a couple of days, you couldn’t even see where the burn marks were. This stuff is amazing! I use it currently on my shoulder that sustained an injury several years ago from playing volleyball. The application is mildly tacky at first, but after a few moments you can’t even tell that you applied it. It seems to work well for inflammation and sore joints. I recommend giving it a shot, as it seems to be working well on a variety of ailments!
Larry K., Montgomery, TX

My sister and I have been using Dr. Jay's Thera Gel on our shoulders, and it's AMAZING!  The pain basically disappears the minute we apply it!  Thanks again!  It's AWESOME!
Ron Casso, The Woodlands, TX 



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