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You Deserve Products That Work!

We believe great products start with great ingredients

Introducing Dr. Jay’s Thera Gel. Inspired by nature and backed by science, Thera Gel contains a powerful phytonutrient, Apigenin, a plant-based flavonoid that is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, guard against harmful infections and promote natural healing within the body. Our proprietary formula makes our product multi-purpose and uses this potent nutrient to create an all-natural “anti-inflammatory” product that is uniquely designed to oxygenate the body at the cellular level (by up to 27%), stimulating your body’s natural healing response to infection and injury, instantly relieving pain, while accelerating repair and recovery to your body, joints and skin.

Dr. Jay’s Thera Gel is nature-based and has no harmful ingredients or pesticides, making it safe for you, pets and the environment.

Where It All Began

Our Story

Dr. James “Jay” R. Collins has a natural love for all living beings and practiced veterinary medicine for almost 40 years. After retiring, Dr. Jay devoted his full time to his love of science; concern for the environment; and the health and well-being of people and animals, which led to numerous patents, new product innovations and advancements in scientific research and development. Inspired by the scientific study of the Phylogenetic “Tree of Life” and by a fortunate stroke of serendipity, Dr. Jay’s Naturals® was born. Dr. Jay’s mission is to provide all-natural healing skincare products that work. His belief is that great products start with great ingredients. That is why Dr. Jay’s Thera Gel is uniquely formulated with the potent phytonutrient, Apigenin and utilizes a proprietary process, designed to initiate the production of cell-signaling molecules, which stimulate the body’s response and instant repair naturally. Dr. Jay’s hope is that all people and the pets they love experience the natural healing powers of Dr. Jay’s Naturals®.

“I am proud to have devoted my life’s work to medicine and scientific discovery for the benefit and healing of all living beings.”

– Dr. James “Jay” R. Collins