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 Arthritis Pain Relief Houston



Thousands of people in the Houston, Texas area live with pain as a result of arthritis. The pain might be in hands and elbows. Some people experience it in their knees and lower body joints. And for some, the pain is all over.

The main two methods for dealing with arthritis pain have been to take medications to ease the pain or use a physical therapy regimen to improve the condition.  We would like to offer another solution. You don’t have to live with ongoing pain.


Your pain can be eased and possibly eliminated using the power of a nutrient found in plants called flavonoids.  Flavonoids are a totally natural way to use the concentrated power of Mother Nature to heal your body.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has conducted several research studies to confirm the power of flavonoids in not only reducing pain, but also in healing a number of ailments, including arthritis.

TheraGel Pain Relief Gel


Now, you can harness the power of flavonoids to heal your own pain. Our products work just like the research shows. Just apply the topical pain relief gel to the area where you have pain.

This isn’t like the other pain relief gels on the market. This is not some menthol cream that feels tingly or cools your skin, then leaves the pain intact. We don’t distract you with surface level solutions that give a strange smell but don’t address the pain.

Try it for yourself. Use it on your own pain. We know that if you use it, it works for your pain. That’s why we stand behind a money back guarantee.