“I Am Proud To Have Devoted My Life’s Work To Medicine And Scientific Discovery For The Benefit And Healing Of All Living Beings.”

Dr. James “Jay” R. Collins

Our Story

Introducing Dr. Jay’s Gel & Pump. Inspired by nature and backed by science, our products contain a plant-based flavonoid formula that is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, guard against harmful infections, and promote natural healing within the body. Normal flavonoids have a sugar molecule attached which prevents their selective absorption by humans. Dr. Jay’s unique, the proprietary treatment removes the sugar molecule so these nutrients can be absorbed and utilized by your cells for a large number of benefits.

Dr. Jays Gel & Pump are created using natural plant-based flavonoid formulas and have no harmful ingredients or pesticides. Our products are safe for you, your pets, and the environment!

Where It All Began

Dr. James “Jay” R. Collins, Dr. Jock Collins, and Mr. Gene Kaiser have a natural love for all living beings and have devoted their careers to the health and well-being of people and animals. After practicing veterinary medicine for almost 40 years, Dr. Collins retired and focused on scientific research and development, which led to numerous patents, new product innovations, and advancements in the field. Inspired by the scientific study of the Phylogenetic "Tree of Life" and by a fortunate stroke of serendipity, Dr. Jay's Naturals was born. The company’s mission is to provide all-natural healing products that work, using potent phytonutrients in their unique formulas. This proprietary process stimulates the body's natural response and provides the instant repair. We hope that all people, as well as the pets they love, have a chance to experience the natural healing powers of our products.